Mar 24, 2017



My pregnancy has its ups and downs just like everyone else. Especially around mid first trimester to early second trimester.

Continuous spotting for weeks, partial placenta previa, morning sickness, lost of weight, very bad sudden nausea, back pain, leg cramps and the list goes on. And yes, retroverted uterus to begin with.

Thats why ultrasound masa 9 weeks pun tak boleh nampak apa even doctor tekan sampai kempis perut weh. Last last terpaksa la TVS baru la nampak kantung and heartbeat.

I even put myself to bed rest at home for a week as what my specialist adviced me, just to see if the spotting would stop if I am well rested. Because she said I worked to hard (and lift heavy stuff too much), that it would probably harm my baby.

And I did just what I was told, even though I feel fine. The first day of bedrest shows good result. No spotting till the moment I went to do laundry. The spotting starts and I blame myself for being too stubborn tak mau duduk diam!

The remaining days of my bedrest, I did not move from the bed (except for doing mandatory things of course). I even eat and drink on the bed.

Paan has been very helpful and understanding. He lays the table and brought food to me everyday. He would even help me put on clothes! He's always there to help me as long as our baby and me sihat.

At 22 weeks punya check up, no more placenta previa, baby is no longer in breech position and no morning sickness, just the normal back pain and leg cramps. Oh and I gained back the kilos I've lost. Cis. be continued...