Dec 25, 2014



Yeap I've been feeling down from day 1 of my stay here up until now. I miss my family and of course I miss my baby nephew a lot. Dad and stepmom just got back from performing their umrah and I bet they are happy, that makes me happy too.

It's not that bad here. But I never wanted to be here in the first place, and so it makes me feel miserable everyday. Like seriously. Whats harder is to pretend that I'm okay but honestly I'm not. And some people just gotta make it worse. Thanks you lah, thank you!  😒

I lost count on how many times I was bawling about going home but thank god he always calms me down and sets my head straight about the reason I'm here. Okay lah tunggu dan sabar jelah. What else can I do kan. Hmm.

I'll elaborate more soon about the places, food, and people here. Nak tau dak?

P/S: Nak stalk saye at least jangan la pakai komputer lab. You know who you are. 😏😏