Feb 18, 2013



Tajuk kemain murni bunyi kan. But borrriiinnggg! :)

Anyhoots, how was your day peeps? Oh wait. How's life? Does it treating you dearly? Coz mine is! ...sort of.

I used to think that working will give more pressure than studying but apparently I was wrong. There's more time to think of nothing serious or important now compared to the days I was studying things I'm not interested in. Tapi bila nama pon belajaq, memang tak pernah minat pon. I prefer to just sit back and relax doing nothing. Or probably just sleep all day long sampai kepala pening. Seriously. Hewhew.

But I am indeed feeling very grateful for the rezeki Allah had given me up until today and InsyaAllah for the days coming. And for the chance to breathe and do things I like and just be happy. But whenever I feel like I'm in deep troubles, I'd just think of others who face more problems than I do, and put myself together again and just march forward. So thank you Allah for making things easier for me nowadays. :)


It's been a week since my two younger sisters stayed at my house here in Sungai Siput since Yang, my youngest sister is having her school break for Chinese New Year. And Lubby, my other sister, is pretty much unemployed after she completed her diploma. So whenever Yang is on her school break, then only Lubby could have a break too. She's like Yang's personal assistant or to be exact, her bibik, helping her with stuff for school and lunch and dinner and laundry and whatnot. That's the downside of being at home unemployed. Glad I'm here in Sungai Siput doing my own stuff whenever I like and not when someone ask me to. Muehehe. And that's why bila cuti, dua orang budak ni mesti holiday kat Sungai Siput yang aman sejahtera ni. Mengopak duit kakak mereka yang masih struggle dalam bab-bab menyimpan duit demi masa depan. T_T

I always caught them arguing over the smallest things like who gets the best pillow or who gets to sleep in the middle of the bed. And of course, being the elder sister to the both of them, I (and my 2 elder sisters) sometimes need to be the judge over their childish battle. Most of the time I would just let them argue till one of them gives up. And the other times, I would decide for them, according to what I think is fair. Like when we were eating out and Yang won't let Lubby have a sip of her tomyam, I would tell Yang to give Lubby some since I'm the one buying so no one should be possessive over their food. Ahaks. Unless they are buying dinner themselves, then they can even wrestle on the ground over a bowl of tomyam for all I care. Hihi.

Sometimes they would mengungkit over the good deeds they've done to each other. Like when Yang saw a cockroach in the bathroom when she was about to take a shower, she asked Lubby to get rid of it. Lubby, who despise cockroaches too, took my insect repellant which I only bought when they're on sale, and aim it to the cockcroach till the floor gets very slippery, drowning the poor bug in the chemical foam, thus, killing the cockroach is a success and Yang happily took her shower. And the next day when we were eating out, again, Lubby saw a cat coming towards our table and asked Yang to shooo the cat since cats is her biggest fear. Greater than the fear of being in a room with a flying cockroaches. But Yang just kept on eating and ignored Lubby yang macam cacing kepanasan tengah takut kucing on the way nak terkam dia. Upon seeing Yang, who ignored her, mula la sesi ungkit mengungkit.

"I got rid of the lipas for you, you must get rid of the kucing for me."

Something like that. I would just laugh seeing the two of them being very berkira towards each other despite the big age gap of 9 years where Lubby should just give in, in most of their 'wars' but Lubby would say, NOT TODAY most of the time. Haha. Poor Yang.


I sometimes wonder, why do we ever help people who asked for our favour. Is it because we really don't mind helping, or is is because we want them to return our favour when we need it?

Orang cakap tolong biar ikhlas, jangan mintak balasan. But it's not THAT wrong asking for favours back, right? But does it make us a bad person for helping and mengharap balasan? Or we became a nice person for helping in the first place?

Food for thoughts.